Ventree: April 2019: Lira Plantation Update

Dear Huggers,
This post is short on text and long on video and pictures. So, I’ll just give you a quick intro and update and let you peruse these photos to get an idea of what’s going on. Ā If you have any questions or big ideas you’d like to share please feel free to connect with me by email any time šŸ™‚

The video below is about the status of our first plantation of Lira Trees. We are finally getting the full 50,000 trees in the ground now — having been hampered by drought — Arron brings the story up to date with a view toward the future.

Priceless Farms is growing and expanding. In addition to planting trees for Ventree the farm will soon be installing processing facilities on the farm to produce high-quality Moringa Powder forĀ local andĀ international markets. They have recently planted 40 moreĀ acres of Moringa trees which will be ready for first harvesting about the time the these facilities will ready to put into operation. Ventree will also be participating in this Moringa plantation as well and we will beĀ announcingĀ more about that soon.

Priceless is also partnering with a large Agro-Foresty company out of South Africa called AgriLiving to expand it’s properties in Uganda. Agri-living’s owners are experts in installing large irrigation facilities and with Priceless farms close proximity to Lake Kyoga, as part of the partnership Agri-living will install irrigation throughout Priceless Farms’ lands which will all but mitigate the deleterious effects of drought and increase harvesting seasons.OUR FAMILY FARMERS WEEDING AND CARING FOR THE PLANTATION


My granddaughter sampling Mango from the farm.Ā More exciting news coming soon.





Regards, Kim

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