~ By Kim Elton, Business Development

Love On Land (LOL) began working on the Priceless Farms project in Central Uganda just 2.5 years ago. With start up investment from local entrepreneur Joe Goodwin LOL secured a long term lease with Ugandan land owner Arthur Kasokwe and broke ground on the site located on the southern shores of Lake Kyago, a large body of water that receives its water from the River Nile on its journey to Lake Albert and onto Egypt.

The site offers a pristine environment in a remote area unadulterated by industrial pollution and is ideal for the production of medicinal plant crops coveted internationally by producers of “superfood” products. Even so the land has been badly managed and degraded to subsistence farming practices.

Within just 2 years manager and co-founder Aaron Elton and his team of Permaculture Design and Farming graduates have turned the property into a verdant and productive “Jungle Farming” operation that is ready to reap the rewards and commercial level harvests of their efforts in the latter months of 2017.

I am now in Uganda with my wife to spend a full month with the crew and management group of the farm to chronicle their journey from startup to actualization of this project and will provide you, dear reader, a multitude of pictures and videos, which will be posted on the Strut Studios Youtube Channel, as well as a running commentary and invite you to share your comments and share these posts far and wide as this singular project continues to grow and evolve.

The attached image was a promotional picture for a local magazine. This is the core team on the ground at Priceless Farms.

Kim Elton, Business Development
Love On Land