All Love On Land’s projects have a common philosophy and approach. We are an agricultural development company and we only get involved when it is agreed by all stakeholders that only best practices in organic agriculture and farming are applied in the projects we undertake. Our design and development practises are guided by the Permaculture Design principles established by Bill Mollison “The Father of Permaculture design.”

An integrated system of ecological and environmental design, Permaculture Design practices ensure a perennial and sustainable form of agriculture. We develop projects that:
• Build Soils, not deplete them
• Support the communities within and adjacent to our projects, not exploit them
• Create agricultural products of the highest quality that are completely organic; and return healthy profits to property owners and stakeholders to create agriculture landscape that will thrive and survive in perpetuity.

Our fundamental ethics are:

Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.

If you have property that is not producing well or would like to improve in any of the key areas stated above we’d be happy to discuss a project with you. We are located in East Africa, primary in Uganda and Kenya. In the region we have trained hundreds of PDC graduates in the art and science of Permaculture Design and we have focussed our efforts in this region. However, Permaculture Design is a worldwide movement and we are happy to work with clients any where in the world.