Forever Forestry

Project Summary: Forestry Forever

The Forever Forestry Initiative is a project sponsored by Roofings Group, the largest steel manufacturing company in East Africa for the purpose of re-foresting the entire African continent through the provision of free training, consultation, and design services which will be spread through a dynamic and ever growing group of certified foresters who can make a living out of interacting as Guild members of the project to provide tangible solutions to the entire Continent of Africa from the most biologically diverse country within it: Uganda.

Project Description

Forever Forestry was created out of the desire to provide the The Roofings Group  with the best possible social responsability project. With this goal Aaron Elton provided a comprehensive and self-sustaining plan of generating a guild of designers who are supported by Roofings to recieve training, continual information support, and an ever growing geographical database of organic genetics, aka large scale dynamic nurseries.

The site for the project is on a 1.5 acres at Roofings headquarters. The site includes a training center, nurseries, and a range of sustainble examples for the average African home. This center is the first of a series of self-generating nurseries which will provide our designers with intelectual and physical resources to encourage the re-forestation of the African contenent in many years to come with a sincere and dedicated focus on the immediate needs of rural families and communities. Though the project is a corporate responsability project, it is entirely based upon permaculture principles and has been forcasted through many years experience to be a sure way to make the healthy re-establishment of natural and abundant eco systems a profitable and handsome lifestyle for all of our clients.

I believe this was the type of relationship, that being between the massive industrial complex and the local dig duggers that Mr. Mollison had dreamed about during his trippy trips in Africa at the beggining of his permaculture crusade.