Lift the Children

Working together with the Canadian-based  LIFT Foundation Love On Land is building a training centre for sustainable living on property adjacent to the Priceless Farms project.

The center encompasses the fundamental principles of sustainable agriculture, and builds upon this knowledge to educate its students in a wide range of practical arts and sciences that greatly enhance the lifestyle and health of its students and their respective communities.

The dynamic range of workshops and certificate courses offered cover a wide variety of skills which have direct and pertinent impacts on existing problems which most people face in developing nations. By providing this kind of training, based on past testimonies from hundreds of students whose lives have been positively impacted and changed for the better,  we are having the most powerful impact possible for the creation of a healthy and peaceful planet.

Many of the students who graduate from our youth vocational programs will have access to jobs on partner farms and companies who will be seeking our graduates as skilled employees. So this project is truly holistic, providing a full spectrum understanding of life’s most primary energies and resources. We then fuse this knowledge to practical skills that enable the student to activate his/her potential on the earth, and then helping them to find a paying job to get them ‘up and running’ into a career which holds unlimited potential within the Earth Repair community.

Furthermore, for those students already holding jobs as teachers and managers in childcare facilities, the same set of knowledge and skills are tailored to their existing jobs, giving them the chance to deploy such skills in their respective environments, having a ripple effect upon the youth whom they influence through their work.

This is a highly unique facility, being situated in partnership via a lease with a local sustainable agriculture business, and a Ugandan National whose land holdings provide the ideal environment for this vision to take root and grow, providing that nourishment of the mind, which in turn will sow the seeds of positive change into the communities where our graduates put their new skills and knowledge to work.