Priceless Farms

Project Summary: Priceless Farms

Priceless Farms is the achievement of over 10 years of dedicated purpose-driven work by its founders, investors and partners toward the goal of course-correcting humanity’s approach to agricultural and community resource management in Africa, while building a successful, scalable agricultural development enterprise with the potential to be a world leader and model for sustainable agriculture. We are succeeding.

The future, the very near future, promises exponential growth and expansion of our venture. We have built the fundamentals working with the natural resources of this region and the support and encouragement of local communities and governments. Nature is responding and is rewarding our efforts with estimated yields that are multiples greater than institutional farming methods while also repairing landscapes, building healthy, productive soils and abundant, sustainable ecosystems that will continue to extend our reach and impact in the district.

Our methods work within the proven Permaculture Design Principles and ethics of earth care, people care and fair share. Priceless Farms is a replicable business model that enables a means of fulfilling all our needs and wants, in a manor which is respectful to the laws of nature, the mind and soul of humanity, and spreads wealth throughout the social spectrum on a fair and equitable basis. We have a business strategy that incorporates science-based systems and designs coupled with ambitious growth goals, a highly profitable array of products and commodities that will fund future growth and expansion.

Project Overview: Priceless Farms

The soil enhancing methods of sustainable agriculture is far superior to contemporary methods on every metric. Food quality is higher, land value increases, outputs increase dramatically, living standards improve, people’s health around the farm increases, jobs become meaningful beyond a pay cheque, and ultimately sustainable agriculture is the last and only chance we have to untangle ourselves from the previous era’s mistakes. And from a business perspective it’s alarmingly simple and hugely profitable. Profits can be re-invested for even greater dividends as we expand this model throughout this region and ultimately the rest of the planet. Understanding a few basic points will help you to understand why were so adamant about these systems. There are four pillars to our approach.

FIRST – Water Management. We capture all rainwater that falls on our land by digging level trenches called swales that pacify and sequester rain runoff and force the water deep into our soils and sub-soils. There, the water stores up and charges the landscape with an underground water surplus which moves very slowly down slope as apposed to running off, and carrying off valuable soils during heavy rains. This is fundamental to the preservation of soils and enables rapid growth of food, medicinal crops and forestry systems.

SECOND – Forest Management. Trees are the mother species of the earth; their branches and leaves, flowers fruits and roots have for millennia been the substance and structure through which 80% of land based creatures draw life from and call home. The forest is a mixed dynamic of bio-regionally sensitive organisms. We plant patches and strips of forests throughout our lands creating a vibrant ecology which captures even more water, repairs the soils, provides abundant fuels, fibres, and edible biomass for all other farm systems, and provides an incredible return on investment in medium and long term plans. Trees also disperse moisture into the air and release water into the soils when needed.

They moderate the temperature of our farms giving a more conducive environment for our crops and animals whose productivity is often impacted my temperature fluctuations. Well-managed forests are like a bank that secures any investment capital put into a property. If all else fails, the trees will maintain the viability of the land.

THIRD – Take Care of the People. People are the driving force within our management system. We treat people with love and respect. Our employees are placed in an educational system of constant self-improvement. The fundamentals are grounded in the systems and ethics of Permaculture Design Principles. The majority of our staff is guided toward a career in a franchise farm system, which will enable them to be the masters of their own lives in a short 3-year period. Utilizing the best physiological techniques and reward systems that help them to grow into a career of their liking. Those with special talents seeking more challenge will be encouraged to become consultants and specialists in the many specialty fields within and beyond the company’s reach.

Moringa leaves with paste

FOURTH – Production Focus. We produce ethical, high-value earth sustaining products for profit and re-investment into the expansion of the company. In addition to fundamental food crops we have a focus on creating some of the best food-based medicines in the world that represent exponential value-add export sales. Our aim is to produce low-weight, high-value products that will enable us to reinvest surplus profits back into the farms expansion. Acquiring new leases and land titles to turn into new jungles and farms abundant with jobs and produce to feed, clothe, and fuel a hungry planet.